Welcome to Holistic Behavior Solutions Dog Training!   Serving Sussex County, NJ, Pike County, PA, Orange County, NY, and the surrounding areas. Sharing your life with a dog is a special privilege, though it can be challenging at times.  My intention is to restore harmony within your household when things are out of balance.  It is very easy to have disharmony in the pack given people and dogs are two very different species from very different cultures.  

I have been training dogs for over 12 years using positive reinforcement methods with the assistance of holistic therapies when appropriate.  I specialize in working with large and extra large breeds including Rottweilers, Mastiffs, Great Danes and bully breeds.  I get the most satisfaction helping my human clients learn to better communicate with their canine companions.  My favorite behaviors to modify are reactive "outbursts", fear, & anxiety. I started the Sussex County Dog Walking Group for reactive and non-reactive dogs in 2011. This group meets every Sunday in the beautiful state and federal park lands of northern NJ and eastern PA.  SCDWG currently has close to 300 members.

I have always had a passion for training dogs in shelters in the hope of helping them to become more adoptable and teach them the skills they need to remain in their new home for life. I also thoroughly enjoy teaching children kindness, compassion, & dog safety/bite prevention through a variety of interactive presentations.

In 2012, I joined forces with world-renowned dog trainer, Victoria Stilwell's Positively Dog Trainers (VSPDT) along with over fifty other trainers from around the world. Because there is no "standard" for dog trainers to meet to be considered qualified, I wanted to affiliate myself with the best.  After much research, I decided to apply to become a Positively trainer.  It was a lengthy process which included a trip to Atlanta to be observed by Victoria and her team for the day.  In the end, I was selected and licensed as a VSPDT.  This affiliation provides me with access to exclusive conferences, educational material, and a wide range of experience among the other VSPDT trainers.  

Most recently, I founded a non-profit organization, Tails4Teens. Homeless dogs will be taught basic obedience and manners by at-risk youths and then adopted by military veterans plagued with Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In 2014, I was elected President of the Humane Society of Port Jervis / Deerpark, so at this time my focus is on the needs of the shelter and Tails4Teens has been put on hold. Check out all the great things we are doing at

Dee & Borasio talk to Shorty, the 'Pit Boss' about the plight of pit bulls in animal shelters across the country

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