• Instead of surrendering your dog to a shelter or putting an ad in the paper, let us help you find the right home for your dog to lessen the stress of the dog being moved from place to place, getting lost in the shelter "system", or in the wrong hands of someone who may cause him harm.
  • There will be no judgement made as to the reason why you must re-home your dog at this time.  The goal is simply to find your dog a good placement and if the dog was not a good personality match for your family, perhaps we can help find you a new dog that does fit your family's needs as well.
  • You will be asked to have a representative meet you to conduct a behavior / personality assessment on the dog.  This may be done at your home or in a mutually-agreed upon public location.

Why is this process so important?

Adoption Counseling

Re-homing support

Did you know...

Many human predators lurk on the internet posing as well-meaning adopters or rescuers.  Instead of giving your dog the home of their dreams, they may sell them to a laboratory for research or use them as bait in a dog fighting ring.

Don't take chances with your dog's life.  You have recognized that you can't offer them the right home, please don't hand them over to strangers who may have horrible intentions.

  • As the adopter you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire and strongly suggested to complete an online personality test to give me an overall view of what type of dog will be best suited for your lifestyle.
  • The canine candidates will be evaluated using a temperament assessment along with everyday observations by shelter/rescue/breeder/current owner.​​

Are you looking for a new pal?


maybe you have a dog you just can't take care of anymore...


Most people select a dog based on breed characteristics, looks, and location.  Maybe you see a cute puppy in the window at the mall pet shop or your friend has a certain breed and the dog is so good!  I have been given every reason imaginable as to why a person chose a certain dog.

Sometimes the reasons are valid and the dog is a good fit.  Sadly, more times than not, the dog's energy levels, amount of shedding, medical conditions, or personality are not what the person was looking for at all.  

Now what?  You have a dog that requires far more exercise than you can physically give, he is tearing up your house, barking while your at work, and has developed separation anxiety.  Left untreated, the dog's behavior will worsen over time to the point you can't manage it any longer and you are forced to give your dog away to the only place that will take it, the county animal shelter.  So you bring the dog to the shelter who has three behavior strikes against him, has an over-abundance of energy, and he will spend days in a small kennel without any exercise, so the anxiety will get worse.  This is not a dog that will likely make it to the adoption floor.  He will ultimately be euthanized at the hands of total strangers.  

You don't have to let it get to this point!  There is nothing wrong with acknowledging that you made a mistake.  An impulse decision led you to get a dog that is just not right for you and you for him.  The best thing you can do is often the most selfless and heartbreaking decision to give your dog another chance at a great life with our re-homing support system.

Alternatively, if you had considered our adoption counseling from the beginning all of this heartbreak and lost time could have been completely avoided by getting the right dog for your family from the start.  Imagine, you are paired with a dog that is such a great match that he comes home and your life starts together on the right foot. No need for replacing furniture or apologizing to the neighbors.  Your children can walk the dog with ease, you come home from a long day at work and he is there to greet you with a toy in his mouth rather than a piece of the carpet, you go for a short walk (which is good for both of you), and then you settle into your evening cuddling on the sofa watching your favorite T.V. show together.

This my friend is the picture of Harmony!