Please note:  I regrettably cannot accept new clients at this time.  I have provided a list of trainers/behaviorists below based on location and services that I am referring people to at this time.

Sussex County, NJ:

The Critter Concierge - Private, in-home sessions, aggression & fear-related behaviors, pet sitting

It's Your Dog - Group classes including Puppy K

Northeast, PA:

​The Critter Concierge- Private, in-home sessions, aggression & fear-related behaviors

Tri-State Obedience Club

- Group classes including Puppy K, Agility, Competition, & Nose Work

Morris County, NJ:

​Bark Karma - Private in-home training, doggie day camp, pet sitting, aggression & fear-related behaviors, dog-to-dog aggression

Warren County, NJ:

Positive Motivation Dog Training​

- Private in-home training, group classes, aggression & fear-related behaviors, dog-to-dog aggression, agility, competition classes

Walking in Harmony with one another.  An enjoyable experience for both human and dog!

Dog training should be a partnership...gaining 

cooperation, not control!

If you wouldn't drag your dance partner around the dance floor to "lead" her....

Why would you drag your dog around the neighborhood to "lead" him?

What is Obedience? 

According to, the definition of OBEDIENCE is:

the state or quality of being obedient.
​ the act or practice of obeying; dutiful or submissive compliance  a sphere of authority or jurisdiction, especially ecclesiastical. chiefly Ecclesiastical 
​ conformity to a monastic rule or the authority of a religious superior, especially on the part of one who has vowed such conformance. the rule or authority that exacts such conformance. Origin: 1150–1200

Why are we still training dogs based on words from 1150-1200???

Conformity vs. Individuality

Obedient vs. Willingness

Submissive vs. Equal

Authority vs. Influential 

How would you want to be "trained"?

We have become the ultimate puppet masters