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Introduction to Services

Hello! As I am beginning this blog I thought I would write a quick re-introduction. My name is Deborah Matthews, and I am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. I am not your 'typical' BCBA in that I do not work in a clinic atmosphere, in fact, I prefer not to! I prefer to meet families right where they are, in their home. I have found through different professional experiences that I can make a bigger impact within the families main environment that they are seeing difficulties. As I am family oriented first and foremost, I will work with your children where it is needed: school, home, clinic, dentist, doctor appointments, you name it and I will be there. As I receive an inquiry I will send a form back for you to fill out to be sure my services are what you are looking for and that they will be a good fit for your family. I use a sliding pay scale as I currently do not take insurance, I will also send this form. After we concur that my services are what you are looking for we will set up a date and time to go through a functional behavior assessment without your child present. If able, after we get through the assessment I like to do an observation of your child. After we wrap up the assessment and observation, I will write up a document of recommendations for you and your family. I will come back and train your family on these recommendations and go through scenarios. After this training, I will give your family time to implement the changes and do weekly check ins with you to see how it is going. You can continually ask questions, get feedback and give me feedback on how it is going. We will then set up follow up observations for in person observations, feedback training and consultations depending on what your family needs. I hope this helps explain services a bit more and give you insight on what "parent training and support" is. Until next time! :)

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