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New month. New mindset. New goals. New behavior change.

Happy April! We may it to spring, woo hoo! At this point of your parenthood journey, if your kids are in school you may be counting down the days until summer. I enjoy spring and summer the most. The days are longer, the sun is hotter and we spend a lot of time outside.

If you or your children do not spend a lot of time outdoors, I encourage you to start. It is truly good for physical, mental and emotional wellness. Even 1 hour a day can truly make a difference! This link has a lot of resources and studies showing the benefits of being outside:

  1. Better breathing

  2. Improved sleep

  3. Reduced anxiety/depression symptoms

  4. More motivation for exercise

  5. Mental Restoration

  6. Boosted Immune system

  7. Better eyesight

  8. Improved emotional wellness

If you need a place to start, 1000 hours outside: is a great resource. They encourage being outdoors as often as possible, encouraging 1000 hours a year!

I know having children with disabilities can make going outside daily difficult, sometimes impossible. Start small (even 10 minutes), make it a routine, and do an activity together. As always, my inbox is open if you need insight or encouragement.

Happy behavior change!


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