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Wellness Wednesday

If you follow me on social media platforms, I hope you have seen my posts on "wellness Wednesdays". Each week I try to highlight a health & wellness 'theme' to show the impact our environment has on health & wellness. This in turn has an impact on our behavior and our children's behavior.

Whether we like to admit it or not, there are toxins all around us. In our air, food, and water. The products we use daily also have toxins in them. These toxins can have an impact on our health which in turn can have an impact on behavior...

For example, food coloring dyes have been proven to have an impact on behavior:

Synthetic fragrance has been tied to many health issues, and is now being called "the new cigarette". Given that fragrance can exacerbate headaches, lung issues and neurological issues...Could they also be tied to antecedents of behavior?

Just some thoughts on this Wellness Wednesday!

If you're in Indiana, I hope you are out enjoying this beautiful sunshine!

Happy Behavior Change!


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