Specializing in relationship building, positive reinforcement dog training techniques, and dog behavior modification to Create Harmony in the Pack. 


Behavior can often be affected by a medical, physiological, or  genetic reasons.  Aggression is simply a behavior caused by a situation either internally or externally.

proactive Puppy

So you got a new puppy...now what!?! Don't make the all-too-common mistake and wait until a problem develops.  Start early!  Prevention beats remediation! 

Canine Counseling

 In-person sessions can take place at your home or at my facility in Sandyston, NJ. Live too far?  Not to worry...I also offer phone sessions.

Adoption & Re-Homing Services

Assistance in finding the right dog for your individual family & lifestyle as well as placement of dogs needing new homes.

For today's

Busy Family

 I like to involve the entire family.  It is important for kids of all ages to have  role in training the family dog while under adult supervision.

Kids and Dogs

Kids and dogs can be a match made in heaven or a nightmare about to be unleashed! 

Tails 4 Teens


Our not-for-profit program saving shelter dogs, at-risk teens, and military veterans suffering from PTSD, TBI, & Depression

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Workshops, Classes, & Dog-related Events

Health &


Behavior can often be the result of an unwell & unbalanced body.  Check out these holistic solutions.

Essential Oils for Dogs

Aromatherapy is a valid and scientifically-proven modality to ease symptoms of anxiety, pain, lethargy, illnesses, and emotional unbalance.

Creating Harmony in the "Pack"

Be the Leader your Dog wants to follow

National Dog Bite Prevention Week