"Be the Leader Your Dog Wants to Follow"

Essential Oils for Dogs

Aromatherapy is a valid and scientifically-proven modality to ease symptoms of anxiety, pain, lethargy, illnesses, and emotional unbalance.

Upcoming events

 Workshops, Classes, & Dog-related Events

Adoption & Re-Homing Services

Assistance in finding the right dog for your individual family & lifestyle as well as placement of dogs needing new homes.


Behavior can often be effected by a medical, physiological or  genetic reason.  Aggression is simply a behavior caused by a situation either internally or externally.

Creating Harmony in the "Pack"

Health & Wellness

Behavior can often be the result of an unwell & unbalanced body.  Check out these holistic solutions.

Kids and Dogs

Kids and dogs can be a match made in heaven or a nightmare about to be unleashed! 

Canine Counseling

 In-person sessions usually take place in your home, where the mis-behavior is most likely to occur.  Live too far?  Not to worry...I also offer phone sessions.​​

proactive Puppy

So you got a new puppy...now what!?! Don't make the all-too-common mistake and wait until a problem develops.  Start early!  Prevention beats remediation!